Simple steps:

  • (Seller) Take a photo of your item and post it on Sellga.
  • (Buyer) Search any item you like
  • Seller and buyer both confirm the price and trade location with the seller via the built-in PM.
  • Complete the trade and both say thank you. :)
Apple Devices

Main Features

Easy to Customizable

Create Post

Take a photo of your item and upload to Sellga.

Includes PSD Layers

Category and Location

Search by category and location.

Search Engine Optimized

Browse and Search

Easy Browse UI and search by keyword

iPhone Black
Colors Customization

Instance Message

Private message with the buyer/seller.

Includes Custom Widgets

Favorite and Follow

Bookmake your favorite post and foller buyers.

Secure & Valid Code


Know your popularity by number of likes.


User Reviews

Thank you for yours valuable comments and suggestions

"Finally I sold my kid's guitar at Sellga, he never play after the first guitar lesson. Useful app for this kind of situation. Support."


"Well..I dont mind add one more place to sell my stuffs. This app is simple and easy to use."


"Great app, it turns my old toys into cash. "


"A lot of cheap stuffs are selling there, found some story books for my son. Cost saving!!!"




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